Isra Odeh

Isra’ was born in 1985. She attended her first work shop in filmmaking in the year 2000. Since then, she is dedicated to filmmaking as a way of life. She worked as a cameraperson and editor on a number of films. 

Isra is already established as a photographer and filmmaker. She made her first film “The Chewing Gum Gang and I” in 2004, and the film "Dancing My Life" in 2016.

She won the first prize in Creative Palestinian Art Exhibition in Dubai 2010.

An exhibition of her photography work took place at Dar Annadwa College in Bethlehem 2011. 

She was a  member of the International jury at Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF) in Tromso - Norway 2016.

Isra is the cofounder of Young Palestinian Filmmakers Society and the head of the board of directors.