Angelos Kovotsos, director / scriptwriter

He has directed more than 200 documentaries for the Greek cinema and television. He has
received awards for his work in festivals both in Greece and abroad. Selected filmography:
2006 : Sun come up, sun go down” ( Best Documentary Script Award Greek Film Center
2005), 2009: “The viper of Milos” (Co-production ERT / EBU ), 2012: “Encardia, the dancing
stone”, (Co-production GFC / Apulia Film Commission), Best documentary award Hellas Film
Box Berlin, Audience Award Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2012, Honorable
mention at the Festival del Cinema del Reale, La Specchia, Italy 2012) , released in Berlin,
Munchen, Stuttgard 2013: “It’s time for heroes” (Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival
2013 – Official selection), 2014: “David Kennedy, sculpting life” (Thessaloniki Documentary
Film Festival 2015). In 2015 he co-directed with Anneta Papathanassiou “The Park, Grandma Nissa and Ali” broadcasted at ERT. His latest feature documentary “String-less” was awarded with the Audience Award in 19 th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival. He is also teaching documentary in seminars, universities and film schools. During the last two years he is associate of Story Doc.