Half Yard - International course

International course of participation of Festivals for the movie "Half Yard", which was implemented at Home New Home workshops in 2016.

The movie "Half Yard" had its Festival premiere at the 4th AegeanDocs, where it won an honorary distinction. After its first success, the movie started a dynamic course of participations all over the world! 

In 2016 it participated in the 4th Ierapetra International Festival, was screened at the Goethe Institute and also participated in the 19th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival on 10 March 2017.

This year it continues dynamically, with its participation in the contest program of  Cefalù Film Festival “Pino Scicolone” 2018 in Italy, as well with the screening at 12th Ιnternational Debut Film Festival SCENECS of the Netherlands in June 2018, where it will be the only presence of Greece for first-time directors.

Directed by: Panagiotis Vakris, Director advisor / Script advisor: Marko Gastin


The film's summary:
"Hundreds of fishing boats in Greece are staffed by foreigners. In one of them, in Molyvos of Lesbos, Egyptian fishermen staffing his crew. The boat is their "home" and they are doing all their activities there. Invisible from our everyday life. "

Congratulations to the creative team: Panagiotis Vakri, Chroni Theohari, Anna Taxidi, Vassiliki Bouratzi