New Honorary Distinction for Home New Home Movie Collection

The documentary "The uninvolved school desk" won the first prize in the documentary films at the 8th International Student Short Film Competition.

Congratulations to the creative team of 4th Hight School of Alimos (teachers and students): Vasiliki Karagiorgas, Fani Pyrza, Despina Papacharalambous, Ergina Souli, Eleanna Tila, Alexandra Tagaroulia-Papakonstantinou, Yannis Foskolos.

Script / Directing consultant was Kostas Spiropoulos.

Film summary: In a Greek high school, students are exhausted by the pressure of the examinations and of private coaching schools and “they feel guilty if they study, even for a short time, e.g. history instead of studying a subject for the national exams”. The refugee issue, if they care about it, is nothing more than another theoretical sociopolitical problem. Meeting young refugees changes their perspective and leads Eleana and Alexandra to make decisions concerning their future.

The movie was created in Home New Home workshops a project of StoryDoc, with a wide network of partners: Municipality of Athens, Open Schools ( The activity Home New Home is implemented in the framework of the Athens Open Schools program an initiative run by the City of Athens, with exclusive donor Stavros Niarchos Foundation), Regional Development Funt of Attica, Anna Lindh Foundation, Goethe Institut, while the website hosting the action and the movies and refugee training is an donation of Stavros Niarchos.
The action Home New Home had the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Telecommunications and Information Policy.