Refugees from 9 Countries participated at Home New Home

Refugees from 9 countries are initiated in the art of documentary with Greeks and immigrants to tell their own stories.

Dozens of life stories, dreams for tomorrow, take their way to become movies in StoryDoc's workshops, Home New Home.

Stories like the "White Censorship" from Iran, "The Penalty or Your Life" from Congo, "Are You a Woman? You Punish!" from Afghanistan, " Dancing beyond Africa" from Mozambique, "With Baby in the Desk" from Afghanistan - Greece, "Dear Baudelaire" from Ivory Coast, "Waiting for the father" from Greece - Syria, "Our Books" from Afghanistan - Greece, "Loveless Alabama" from America - Greece, "Refugee from Cyprus" from Cyprus - Greece, "Soundscape" from Iran - Greece, "The War Before the War" from Syria - Greece and many others who have dreams, sentiment and humanity.