Great honorable distinction for the movie "Painting", wich directed by Iwanna Neofutou and edited by Dimitri Stamati. Was awarded with the audience award at Thessaloniki International Film Festival.
The StoryDoc is proud for the action Home New Home wich gave the opportunity to volunteers and refugees to record in first person their experience with the refugee issue.
Congratulations to Iwanna Neofutou and Dimitri Stamati, to the trainers Marco Gastine and Gianni Ksirouxaki for their advice to the creators.

Film summary: In the Skaramanga’s Refugee Camp, a group of refugee children at the age of 10-13, paint their experience and memories from the war and their journey to Europe. They describe through their drawings their city as they remember it, the city that they 've found shelter in and the city that they wish to live in the future.

Creative Team:
Directed by: Iwanna Neofutou
Sound editing/editing: Dimitris Stamatis
Directing/Script consultant: Marco Gastine

Director Intereview:
" I chose my subject because i believe in healing property of painting. I didn't care to make a simple record the life of refugees and painting was the way to refer indirectly to their lives. My acquaintance with the protagonists made me feel very beautiful. While shooting the film i had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with some of the refugees, to learn their personal stories and to gain beautiful experiences."

The movie was created in Home New Home workshops a project of StoryDoc, with a wide network of partners: Municipality of Athens, Open Schools ( The activity Home New Home is implemented in the framework of the Athens Open Schools program an initiative run by the City of Athens, with exclusive donor Stavros Niarchos Foundation), Regional Development Funt of Attica, Anna Lindh Foundation, Goethe Institut, while the website hosting the action and the movies and refugee training is an donation of Stavros Niarchos.

The action Home New Home had the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Telecommunications and Information Policy.