The movie "Painting" at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival


The action Home New Home and StoryDoc proudly announce that the movie “Painting”  of Iwanna Neofitou and Dimitri Stamati, selected to participate  to the 20th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

The movie will be screened  the following days and hours:

Monday 5/3/2018 20:00 pm

Tuesday 6/3/2018 12:45 pm

Room Tonia Marketaki, Warehouse D, Port

The movie was created in Home New Home workshops a project of StoryDoc, with a wide network of partners: Municipality of Athens, Open Schools ( The activity Home New Home is implemented in the framework of the Athens Open Schools program an initiative run by the City of Athens, with exclusive donor Stavros Niarchos Foundation), Regional Development Funt of Attica, Anna Lindh Foundation, Goethe Institut, while the website hosting the action and the movies and refugee training is an donation of Stavros Niarchos.
The action Home New Home had the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Telecommunications and Information Policy.

The action Home New Home continues this year 2017 - 2018 at 2th High School of Athens and Second Chance School at Mytilene.