THURSDAY 26/10/2017
Antonis Tritsis

Akadimias  50


The Game (11΄), Marina Tomara, Athens


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“The Game” is a short documentary film about Riswan, a 29-year-old immigrant from Pakistan who has been living in Greece for the past 10 years. After a difficult journey, he has arrived in a strange land where people were speaking an incomprehensible language, the daily struggle for survival was demanding, and as if that weren't enough, women were wearing jeans and mini. Overcoming the difficulties, today Riswan has a good job as a cook and has managed to set up his own cricket team which he - not by chance - called "Friends". With them he shares the most funny part of his life, the cricket, but as the match of life never ends, Riswan in a few days is leaving for Pakistan to get into new adventures, those of marriage.


Ιslam’s Scissors Of Wisdom Under The Hot Midsummer Sun (25΄),  Xenofon Aggelopoulos, Athens


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The life, hopes, dreams and times of Islam Kazi, a painfully shy but infinitely likeable tailor from Bangladesh, as he himself confessed them to me on one scorchingly hot day in July, in his tiny but nonetheless unceasingly popular clothing repair shop called ‘’Scissors of Wisdom’’, where the mending never stops.  


Open Mind Open Heart (16΄), Vasiliki Koutzeklidou, Athens


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A visit to the Valley village in the Larissa Prefecture, Greece was enough to meet the man who from the outset supported the refugee people!Father Adam! We shared good times with him and felt that love, freedom of thought and the open mind of a man not blocks under a cassock.Myths and reality, truths and lies about a role, the role of the priest, that could create controversy due to religion. Love, compassion, sympathy do not separates Christians from Muslims. Because we are all people and proof of this is the model of a man crouched over each head and care about the needs of our fellow refugees. Ambassador and promoter of the Union of all people without discrimination.


Citizen Journalist (13΄), Jordan


After almost five decades of the absence of any independent media presence in Syria as a result of the government's monopoly on the media, the 2011 revolution opened the door to the emergence of citizen journalism and the birth of independent media in areas that have emerged from the control of the regime or in the exile of neighboring countries.


Marble Tiles (15΄), Adamantia Moucheli, Athens


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Mohammed's narratiοn  from  Aleppo  (Syria), who composes pieces of his life history in Syria and Greece, where he came as a refugee to meet his father after seventeen years. In Greece, he reunites with his father, who teaches him the family’s traditional art of marble sculpture and  mosaic.