WEDNESDAY  25/10/2017
Techopolis City  of Athens



We First Call George (11΄), Aris Zisimatos


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The LM village was created to be used for several years as a holiday resort for Greek army officers. It has recently changed its use into a refugee hospitality center. George Aggelopoulos is offering his services as a volunteer manager of the center.


Painting (23΄), Ioanna Neofitou, Dimitris Stamatis


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In the Skaramanga’s Refugee Camp, a group of refugee children at the age of 10-13, paint their experience and memories from the war and their journey to Europe. They describe through their drawings their city as they remember it, the city that they have found shelter in and the city that they wish to live in the future.


We are not Shadows (15΄), Yegane Hassani, Arezo Ghorabani, Masoomah Noori, Masoomah Haiwari


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The documentary “We are not Shadows” start as a whisper between four teenage Afghan girls who found voice and face, image and sound and talk about an issue- taboo that are experiencing generations of women of all ages in Afghan communities: the deprivation of their rights and their fear of talking about them especially in front of the camera.


Lust  (22΄), Maria Zitaki, Giannis Tsiachristas


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The documentary tells the story of Rahmat refugee from Afghanistan who works as a translator in the camp of Eleonas. The film through the history of Rahmat deals with aspects of the daily life of refugees and the problems they face in Greece.


Taste of Family  (9΄), Georgia Ampouranti, Violeta Kiriakou, Aimilia Skourla


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This is the story of Taher from Aleppo, Syria and his favorite dish, Molokhia. Before becoming a refugee and coming to Greece, Taher was a school teacher in the morning and he was working as a chef in the evening. While he is cooking his favorite dish, which is also his family specialty, Taher is talking about his life in Syria and the difficult decision he took to flee his country and leave his family behind.  He also tells us about his journey to Europe and how simply the smell of his favorite dish brought back all of his memories of his homeland and life in Syria.... Taher now lives in Greece and continuous to work as a chef.


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