TUESDAY 24/10/2017
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A Face in the Croud  (12΄),  Panagiotis Athinaios, Athens


“A Face in the Croud” is about the story of Abushiam, a palestinian refugee, who was born, grew up, lived in a refugee camp in Lebanon, only to found himself again in another camp, Elaionas. What he wants the most now, is to reunite with his family in Germany as soon as possible.


A Glance (15΄), Panagiotis Athinaios, Athens


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A glance, is the title for a documentary about the story of Ali Shikh Hasan, a Syrian refugee who lives in Camp Elaionas, who came to Greece in order to avoid the bad situations that happening in his country. In the same time, we see his efforts, to go to Germany, so that he would be able to cure his eyes from the injury he got in the war in Syria.


Amorgou Streeet, Athens (10΄), Dimitris Rorris, Athens


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Korina, a real estate agent in the already crisis-hit Greek market, has voluntarily intervened to make sure that housing is provided to Syrian refugee families. She helped find the necessary means for these people’s living, while she has been supporting them both financially and morally ever since. She hopes and waits for the ordeal of the refugees to come to an end, as was the case with her grandparents, refugees from Pontos, Asia Minor, some hundred years before. She believes that the historic recurrence requires that we stand by our fellow men, “that we benefit and be benefited”.


Thornless Roses (12΄), Petra Terzi, Athens


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Mahmoud Abdel Rasul, a second-generation child from Sudan, completely interrupted his life as a doctor to volunteer all his time to organizing artistic and athletic activities, as well as Greek language lessons for refugees and their children, to better integrate them into Greek society.


The Uninvolved School Desk  (22'), 4th Lyceum of Alimos


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In a Greek high school, students are exhausted by the pressure of the examinations and of private coaching schools and “they feel guilty if they study, even for a short time, e.g. history instead of studying a subject for the national exams”. The refugee issue, if they care about it, is nothing more than another theoretical sociopolitical problem. Meeting young refugees changes their perspective and leads Eleana and Alexandra to make decisions concerning their future.


Undercover Raper (17΄), Irini Bazara, Athens


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Tariq a 26 year-old Syrian refugee comes to Greece with a special passion, to express himself and communicate his thoughts and ideas, through rap music. His so far, "adventures" in Syria, before and after the war, as well as his journey of seeking  a prosperous country, to survive and live well, make him  active in shaping modern world history. His interest in social issues and his direct involvement through his role as a translator on a voluntary basis while he is in Greece, makes him particularly loved and sensitive not only to his own problem of seeking a peaceful country in order to create, but also to the other refugees he comes in contact with and helps.



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