FRIDAY 20/10/2017
2nd Lyceum of Athens

Cheiden 35 & Acharnon


We Will Return  (21΄), 8ο Lyceum of Athens


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The Hamze, a family from Palestine, live in a refugee status for 70 years. The grandfathers were expelled in Lebanon in 1948, the father left Tire, a hosting city of Palestinian refugees in the bombings of 1982.The mother and the children followed the father in Greece after the 2006 airstrikes. They live and work in Athens, but even children who have never seen the light of Palestine crave their homeland. Sana Hamze and her parents narrate the uprooting, the life in Greece and their dream to return.


Three Women, Two Countries, One Language  (25'), 41st Lyceum of Athens


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The film presents the paths of three young girls from Syria, whose lives crossed and formed in the school environment of a Lyceum in Patissia, near America's Square. It is about  Ameni, now in Sweden, Iman with whom she is linked by friendly ties and Imman’s sister, Saloua. Their personal narratives and experiences, which  themselves deposit, present a eccentric look at the refugee issue, and highlight the issue of the many identities, the central role of Greek culture and language, friendship, separation and reunion. This time through Skype.


My Name is Giorgos (16΄), Konstantina Tsaprouni


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Musharaf - Giorgos is an adult from Pakistan, born in Greece. Greek citizenship, which is self-evident for most children in our country, is a bureaucratic embarrassment for him. But this is not his main problem. The Greek people do not accept him as one of them. His compatriots treat him as if he were Greek. Giorgos, like about 200,000 children in Greece, is a person without a homeland.


Anatoli (11΄), Katerina Tziomaki, Dafni Georgiopoulou, Gregory Kouverianos


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Our film describes the life of Roula Mohammand, a syrian girl who has spent a part of her life in greece and another in syria. She graduated from Greece and studied medicine.She is involved in volunteering and she has mainly been involved in interpreting since she knows the greek and arabic language very well.Our film describes ant presents some aspects of her life, her family, her job, her interests, her volunteer work. To sum up in our movie we endorse the personality of such an active,interesting,creative and special person.