THURSDAY 19/10/2017
Antonis Tritsis

Akadimias 50



My Name is Sultan (15΄), Alexis Rizos, Sofia Toumpa, Lesvos


Uprooted from the age of 6, Sultan has grown up as a refugee. At 28, he now has his own family to care for. With his wife and two children they take a grave decision. The journey to Sweden is long, exhausting and very dangerous. And yet another great anguish is waiting for them at the destination.


The Road to School (13΄), Συλλογική - (Εσπερινό Γυμνάσιο & Λυκειακές Τάξεις Μυτιλήνης)


Sardar, a refugee from Afghanistan, decides to leave his country and follow “the road to school”. Determined to receive the education he cannot have in his home country, due to the Taliban regime of fear and oppression, he comes to Greece, to study. He wishes to become an orthopedic surgeon so that he may alleviate some of the suffering of thousands of his fellow countrymen, struck by war and misfortune. This is his story.


Bassel (9'),Tyre Association for Arts - Lebanon


When Bassel and his brothers left their hometown in Syria, they had in their mind the destiny their father had been drawing for them: Nabatiyeh, Lebanon, the city of miracles. But when they arrived nothing was as expected and in their new condition of refugees they found restrictions everywhere, even of movement. Until one day, when Bassil noticed a small cinema was being restored.


Ma Fi (10΄), Tyre Association for Arts - Lebanon


Yousef is a Palestinian-syrian refugee who fled from the Syrian war in Yarmouk to live in a Lebanese refugee camp with his sick grandfather, where he struggles to keep him alive.


Stand by Me (11), Michalis Aivaliotis, Lesvos


A Refugee couple tells us what they lived through together with their children in an attempt to escape a terrifying life. This approach contrasts with the images we see now, of the same man working constructing a structure, the woman baking bread and their children going to Greek School in Mytilini. Pinnacle of this documentary is the birthday celebration of their young son with a big party at camp. All of this became a reality because some organizations and their volunteers “STAND BY THEM” and cure their wounds, physical and emotional.


Marble Tiles  (15΄), Adamantia Moucheli, Athens


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Mohammed's narratiοn  from  Aleppo  (Syria), who composes pieces of his life history in Syria and Greece, where he came as a refugee to meet his father after seventeen years. In Greece, he reunites with his father, who teaches him the family’s traditional art of marble sculpture and  mosaic.


English Lessons (9΄), Efthimia Kottoula, Athens


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Jamie is from Scotland and he is working in Ngo Elix as an English trainer. Elix is carrying out the program “Qualitative learning through the playing and informal learning , enhanced psycho – social health and positive adaptation for refuges children of schooling age in Greece”. Jamie is English trainer to the parents of these children.


A Glance (15΄), Panagiotis Athinaios, Athens


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A glance, is the title for a documentary about the story of Ali Shikh Hasan, a Syrian refugee who lives in Camp Elaionas, who came to Greece in order to avoid the bad situations that happening in his country. In the same time, we see his efforts, to go to Germany, so that he would be able to cure his eyes from the injury he got in the war in Syria.