WEDNESDAY 18/10/2017
Antonis Tritsis

Akadimias 50


Salam Asef, (15΄), Asef Faizi, Athens


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"Salam Asef" is a poetic wandering in the present and the future of the author himself looking to his future self for answers to the deadlocks he is currently experiencing as an Afghan refugee. Pictures of everyday life from the temporary camp of Malakasa along with fragments of reason for war, freedom, justice, personal dreams, create a symbolic field of search and redefinition of identity, individual and collective.


Ugarit (15΄), Hamoodeh Makkawei, Jordan


Syrian women talk about their problems as women refugees in a Jordanian Hospital, and was initially with the problem of the difficulty of securing the high cost of the therapy, whether to treat war injuries or to treat chronic diseases. In addition to the problem of women, which is now without a breadwinner due to loss head of the family and the disappearance of what made the woman is the key element in the family and that they must be looking for alternative ways to live for their children and families. We address the issue of early marriage of Syrian girls, which was poverty, customs and traditions and lack of education, the main factor in. Also we talk about the importance of the return of Syrian refugees to their country from the viewpoint of some Syrian women who talked about the need to find an immediate solution to the Syrian tragedy.


Thornless roses

(12΄), Petra Terzi, Athens


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Mahmoud Abdel Rasul, a second-generation child from Sudan, completely interrupted his life as a doctor to volunteer all his time to organizing artistic and athletic activities, as well as Greek language lessons for refugees and their children, to better integrate them into Greek society.


Amorgou Street, Athens (10΄), Dimitris Rorris, Athens


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Korina, a real estate agent in the already crisis-hit Greek market, has voluntarily intervened to make sure that housing is provided to Syrian refugee families. She helped find the necessary means for these people’s living, while she has been supporting them both financially and morally ever since. She hopes and waits for the ordeal of the refugees to come to an end, as was the case with her grandparents, refugees from Pontos, Asia Minor, some hundred years before. She believes that the historic recurrence requires that we stand by our fellow men, “that we benefit and be benefited”.


Anatoli (11΄), Katerina Tziomaki, Dafini Georgiopoulou, Grigoris Kouverianos, Athens


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Our film describes the life of Roula Mohammand, a syrian girl who has spent a part of her life in greece and another in syria. She graduated from Greece and studied medicine.She is involved in volunteering and she has mainly been involved in interpreting since she knows the greek and arabic language very well.Our film describes ant presents some aspects of her life, her family, her job, her interests, her volunteer work. To sum up in our movie we endorse the personality of such an active,interesting,creative and special person.


Playing with the Lens

(11΄), Nikos Katsos, Christos Stefanou, Athens


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Teenager students from Elaionas Refugee Camp participate in StoryDoc's “Home New Home” documentary workshops. Using the camera to film and be filmed, provide information about their lives and create a participatory video. Shazie, Nazanin and Bachar are three of them.