WEDNESDAY 18/10/2017
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(Fragkoudi 11)


Hend (13΄), Second Chance School of Lesvos


Yet another refugee family in dangerous road to Greece was divided. The father with the children were found in Germany while the mother with her youngest injured daughter in Mytilene. The effort and the suspense is not bent nor a moment up to find her family and manage to reunite. The tears that escape are for the joy that she managed at the end but also the unhappiness of that she should be separated from her beloved of people standing by her until that time.


Three Women, Two Countries, One Language

(25'), 41 Highschool of Athens


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The film presents the paths of three young girls from Syria, whose lives crossed and formed in the school environment of a Lyceum in Patissia, near America's Square. It is about  Ameni, now in Sweden, Iman with whom she is linked by friendly ties and Imman’s sister, Saloua. Their personal narratives and experiences, which  themselves deposit, present a eccentric look at the refugee issue, and highlight the issue of the many identities, the central role of Greek culture and language, friendship, separation and reunion. This time through Skype.


We Are Not Shadows  (15΄), Yegane Hassani, Arezo Ghorabani, Masoomah Noori, Masoomah Haiwari, Athens


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The documentary “We are not Shadows” start as a whisper between four teenage Afghan girls who found voice and face, image and sound and talk about an issue- taboo that are experiencing generations of women of all ages in Afghan communities: the deprivation of their rights and their fear of talking about them especially in front of the camera.


Foreign Hugs  (20'), Music School Chalkidas


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The main theme of our documentary called «Foreign Hugs» is the communication between a team of Greek students studying at Chalkidas' music school Nikos Skalkotas and a music team of refugees located in Ritsona. These two teams met each other at Ritsona where they played their music and then met again at the music school’s festival where each team presented their version of a really popular traditional song.


Man, my child, is like the water… (20΄), Eleni Galani, Lesvos


The documentary “Man, my child, is like the water (nothing can stop him) ...” records the curatorial adventure of a group of students who collaborated to create (conseptualised, planned, set up and run) a namesake (ή the homonymous) exhibition, reflecting on the refugee crisis in Lesvos during 2015-2016.


Waiting in the Grey Zone (6'), YPFM, Palestine


Reluctantly, Ahmad who graduated in psychology in Morocco returns to Gaza to restart his life. He gets married and starts looking for a job with his certificate.  He tried everything with no success. In the last two months, he managed to get a permission to come to the American Consulate in Jerusalem but due to transport difficulties, he was late for the appointment, so he came to Ramallah and stayed. In this situation, he cannot get an official job so he works in a bakery to earn some money to support his wife and three children in Gaza who cannot join him.  The opportunities for him are very slim and the possibility for his life to get worse is overwhelming.