TUESDAY 17/10/2017

Goethe Institut

Omirou 14-16


Salam Asef, (15΄), Asef Faizi, Athens


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"Salam Asef" is a poetic wandering in the present and the future of the author himself looking to his future self for answers to the deadlocks he is currently experiencing as an Afghan refugee. Pictures of everyday life from the temporary camp of Malakasa along with fragments of reason for war, freedom, justice, personal dreams, create a symbolic field of search and redefinition of identity, individual and collective.


Amal (12΄), Soqol Elkeni, Marios Kyriazidis, Athens


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The refugee adventure for some has not ended, since their loved ones are in another European state, or they have remained behind in the Syrian-era civil war. The desire to reunite with them as well as the hope for a better future is what dominates their lives.


We will Return (21΄), Collective, Athens


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The Hamze, a family from Palestine, live in a refugee status for 70 years. The grandfathers were expelled in Lebanon in 1948, the father left Tire, a hosting city of Palestinian refugees in the bombings of 1982.The mother and the children followed the father in Greece after the 2006 airstrikes. They live and work in Athens, but even children who have never seen the light of Palestine crave their homeland. Sana Hamze and her parents narrate the uprooting, the life in Greece and their dream to return.


Field of Hope (16΄), Yassar University, Izmir/Turkey


Omar and Muhammed are two young boys who have arrived to Turkey as refugees. Football is very important in their lives. They have founded the team "Suriye İzmir Spor" with some young people in İzmir. Their most important aim is to become a football player in a professional team.


Children of Adam (13΄), Maria Panagiotidou, Giorgos Vlachonikolos, Athens


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When the loss of homeland and the trauma of dependence  crystallize into a diamond of the soul. A short  documentary  from staff, volunteers and members of KETHEA ( Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals ) MOSAIC.


Painting (23΄), Ioanna Neofitou, Dimitris Stamatis, Athens


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In the Skaramanga’s Refugee Camp, a group of refugee children at the age of 10-13, paint their experience and memories from the war and their journey to Europe. They describe through their drawings their city as they remember it, the city that they have found shelter in and the city that they wish to live in the future.


Open Mind Open Heart (16΄), Vasiliki Koutzeklidou, Athens


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A visit to the Valley village in the Larissa Prefecture, Greece was enough to meet the man who from the outset supported the refugee people!Father Adam! We shared good times with him and felt that love, freedom of thought and the open mind of a man not blocks under a cassock.Myths and reality, truths and lies about a role, the role of the priest, that could create controversy due to religion.

Love, compassion, sympathy do not separates Christians from Muslims. Because we are all people and proof of this is the model of a man crouched over each head and care about the needs of our fellow refugees. Ambassador and promoter of the Union of all people without discrimination.