Reluctantly, Ahmad who graduated in psychology in Morocco returns to Gaza to restart his life. He gets married and starts looking for a job with his certificate.  He tried everything with no success. In the last two months, he managed to get a permission to come to the American Consulate in Jerusalem but due to transport difficulties, he was late for the appointment, so he came to Ramallah and stayed. In this situation, he cannot get an official job so he works in a bakery to earn some money to support his wife and three children in Gaza who cannot join him.  The opportunities for him are very slim and the possibility for his life to get worse is overwhelming. 


Creative Team:

Nid’a Abdekareem, Khalil Nader, Mena Abdo, Wala Sa’adeh, Khaled Msallam

Script consultants and trainers: Anis Barghouti, Isra Odeh