My name is Giorgos

Musharaf - Giorgos is an adult from Pakistan, born in Greece. Greek citizenship, which is self-evident for most children in our country, is a bureaucratic embarrassment for him. But this is not his main problem. The Greek people do not accept him as one of them. His compatriots treat him as if he were Greek. Giorgos, like about 200,000 children in Greece, is a person without a homeland.


Creative Team:

Directed by: Konstantina Tsaprouni

Post production: Giannis Kapothanasis

Music by: Voodoo (Parafron Thiasos)

Subtitled by: Evangelia Mermingi

Directing/Script consultant: Elias Giannakakis


Director's interview

The film started as an idea a while ago, before the Home New Home program. My boyfriend, Giorgos Asghar comes from Pakistan and he was born in Greece. Last year, the procedures for acquiring Greek citizenship and Greek identity began. Money was spent, a lot of documents were required to file the application, and no decision has yet been taken. And Giorgos delayed to initiate this procedure because, before the “Second Generation Children” law, even more documents and money were required and it was almost certain that your application would be rejected. It seems inconceivable to me that someone born in Greece, just like me, had to be 30 years old to get Greek citizenship, which was a certainty for me, and to have to pay year after year to stay here, but also to be constantly proving self-evident; that he is a Greek person as much as I am.


Since my protagonist is my own boyfriend, this film was like an everyday conversation between us. He was not bothered by the presence of the camera in any way, since I was handling it.


My feelings remain the same. The issue that I was filming is part of my everyday life. My aim is that other people get to know this aspect of the refugee issue, as it is something that concerns at least 200,000 people born, living, studying and working in Greece.