A visit to the Valley village in the Larissa Prefecture, Greece was enough to meet the man who from the outset supported the refugee people, Father Adam! We shared good times with him and felt that love, freedom of thought and the open mind of a man not blocks under a cassock. Myths and reality, truths and lies about a role, the role of the priest, that could create controversy due to religion.
Love, compassion, sympathy do not separates Christians from Muslims. Because we are all people and proof of this is the model of a man crouched over each head for the needs of our fellow refugees. Ambassador and promoter of the Union of all people without discrimination.


Creative Team:

Directed by: Vasiliki Koutzeklidou

Editing: Konstantinos Mpratziolas

Directing/Script consultant: Aggelos Kovotsos


Director's interview

This issue was chosen to highlight a different approach to the refugee.

The Greek religion, Christianity, is shown as the expression of the face of a priest, Father Adam, who defeats every fiction about the dangers of Christianity going through Muslimism. A hug for all the refugees by the priest of the Valley , to the women volunteers who share moments with us, moments of experience that laughed, that hurt the refugee people. An idea was born of a group of Greek refugees who decided to visit the refugee (structure) camp in Koutsochero, Larissa. Embracing, a hug that aimed to be closer to the people who, due to war, lost everything. Perhaps we managed to think otherwise, to hear, to feel, to listen to the pain of our fellow humans and to become better people. Close to the fellow man, beside the painful with the sovereignty of solidarity and love.

Thank you....