Tariq a 26 year-old Syrian refugee comes to Greece with a special passion, to express himself and communicate his thoughts and ideas, through rap music. 

His so far, "adventures" in Syria before and after the war and his journey as well, of seeking a prosperous country, to survive and live well, make him  active in shaping modern world history. His interest for the common and his direct involvement through his role as a translator while he is in Greece, makes him particularly loved and sensitized, not only by his own problem of seeking a peaceful country to create but as well by other refugees that comes in contact and helps them. 

What difficulties is he facing and does music helps him express himself? What future is he dreaming of him and his country, after the war? 

Maybe the journey to Ithaca is being more tolerable just because of his artistic nature? 


Creative Team:

Directed by: Irini Bazara

Editing: Kostis Kontogeorgos

Camera/Sound: Nefeli Patziou, Maria Lokosi, Irini Bazara, George Deaftone

Directing/Script consultant: Aggelos Kovotsos