A thirteen-year-old boy with Kidney failure lives with his family in a caravan after they were forced to evacuate their neighborhood during the 2014 war on Gaza.   The place they used to live in was destroyed, and they were given a caravan to live in temporally. Most people who lived in caravans are now being moved to live in a new neighbourhood. Huthayfa's  family are not  allowed to move to this new place because they can't prove their old address and they have to vacate the caravan, meanwhile, despite this Huthayfa still manages to go to school and sells  sweets in his spare time to help his family.


Creative Team:

Directed by: Wala Sa’adeh

Camera: Khaled Msallam

Editor: Dina Klab

Script consultants and trainers: Anis Barghouti, Isra Odeh