After almost five decades of the absence of any independent media presence in Syria as a result of the government's monopoly on the media, the 2011 revolution opened the door to the emergence of citizen journalism and the birth of independent media in areas that have emerged from the control of the regime or in the exile of neighboring countries.


Creative Team:

Heba Reyad Alkhuja, Nada Mahmoud Suliman, Said Mohamed Seif, Omayma Qasem Al Magarish, Rifaat Badee Al-Mohammad, Fatema Saleh Achour, Chalia Mahmoud Al Jarah, Agyead Mohammad Abozayed, Murad Ismael Al Masri, Futoun Mhd Jamal Alshaikh, Duaa Hussain Alkhalil, Mustafa Hammal Alkalah, Lama Abdulmajed Alsaka, Abdulmajid Emad Bakir

Directed by: Hammodeh Makkawei

Editing by: Mohammed Ghazi