The crazy fisherman and other stories


Mhran, is a Kurdish refugee from Syria. He started writing stories while he was living as an immigrant in Iraq, because he wanted to give voice to all the people he met and were forced to live their countries. So, he asked everyone he met while he was working in Iraq and on the way to Europe, to tell him their stories. His dream was to publish them, but he never imagined that one of them would become the script for a short feature film.


Creative team:

Fwteinh Stefanh

Yaser Bouzan

Mhran Abdo

Wardishan Abdo

Biran Abdo

Director:Fwteinh Stefanh

Camera:Fwteinh Stefanh

Sound:Fwteinh Stefanh, Zeta Sakelariou

Script/Directing consultant: Angelos Kovotsos