Margaret is a Kenyan immigrant woman in diaspora, counting 17 years in Greece. Kadogo in Swahili means little one. I met her the time she was trying to submit a request for renewing her long term residence permission in Greece. She wanted to get recognized as greek citizen.

The documentary explores the story of Margaret. In a plain and direct air, in her house, she manifests the way of constructing woman’s power, through not only hers but also her daughter’s talents.

The documentary also explores the multi layered notion of identity in second generation children, through her daughter’s talents, educational tries and awards.

The relationship mother-daughter, is of main concern of the protagonist.


Creative Team:


Director/ Camera/Sound: Thodoris Milionis

Script: Vivi Parnassa

Director Consultant: Aggelos Kovotsos

Editing: George Talianis