Bonda is a refugee who came to Greece with two of her children from Congo after years of ill-treatment in her job as a referee in football matches.

In this short documentary, we watch Bonda in her daily routine in Greece, where she does the housework and cooks by waiting for her children to come back from school. At the same time she tells us her story as a referee in the Congo. All the problems begin when she fails to perform as planned at a fixed game as a political leader imposes on her.

Her situation is getting harder as the years go by, the injustices and abuse becoming increasingly unbearable for her and her family until she is forced to emigrate.

Creative Team:

Hans Kodi
Nikos Efraim Paravolos
Manos Dapontes 
Spiros Davaris 
Anna Mandrakou 
Alkisti Mixalopoulou
Directing/Script consultant: Marco Gastine