Ali is an Iranian musician who at the age of 20 decided to escape from an authoritarian regime of oppression and theocracy. With the companion of a guitar and his passion for music, he began a journey in search of a new identity and a life without restrictions, censorship and fear. This path, difficult and lonely, brought him to Greece and to my own life, where through his narrative I would come to admire his passion for freedom and the man who silently rebelled to make his life more beautiful and that of his fellow humans more tolerable.


Creative Team:

Ali Zamani

Alexandra Baladina

Saeed Rezazadeh

Arash Seyfi

Alirezza Soleymani

Director: Alexandros Nomikos

Assistant Producers: Stelios Lalousis, Maria Koumianaki

Directing/Script consultant: Aggelos Kovotsos