When the loss of homeland and the trauma of dependence crystallize into a diamond of the soul. A short documentary from staff, volunteers and members of KETHEA (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals) MOSAIC.


Creative Team:

Directed by: Maria Panagiotidou, Giorgos Vlachonikolos

Editing by: Giorgos Vlachonikolos

Directing/Script consultant: Marco Gastine

Technical consultant: Yannis Xirouhakis

Music by: Marios Strofalis


Director's interview

I have been working at Kethea (Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals) Mosaic since 2006 supporting daily immigrants, refugees who are drug users. People ask me “are there any immigrants who are drug users?” or “how is to work at Kethea?” and I have noticed there is a general interest in this group, who has the stigma of being both immigrants and drug users. 

These questions inspired me to make a film in relation to this specific group; talk about their needs, their efforts and their power which I have experienced through my work in Kethea Mosaic. To speak about the loss of their homeland and the traumatic experience of being a drug addict.

Even though I knew the main characters of the film beforehand, interviewing them was a unique experience. I got to know more things about their lives and their effort…my communication with these people was a touching experience and stressful at the same time as I was directing for the first time…

The concept of this movie was mostly a result of my need to present the issue of immigration and dependency. The dominant feeling after the completion of the movie was happiness. It was happiness because my movie brought tears to the eyes of the main characters when they saw it.