The main character of the movie is Linda, a refugee from Syria, who lives and works on the island of Lesbos. In Mytilini she met her life partner, Nour, and now together they shape the path of their common life. On the island, she utilizes her time with educational activities (Mosaik and School of Second Chance) and by participating in groups that manage the refugee crisis.


Creative Team:

Sinanaj Viktor, Dervishi Ermelinda, Nano Arben, Sarigiannaki Despina, Krasopoulos Efstratios, Dala Areti, Prevedoros Alexandros, Zaloumis Panagiotis, Rentari Malama, Michalis Aivaliotis

Directing by: Michalis Aivaliotis, Sarigiannaki Despina

Editing by: Rentari Malama

Directing/Script consultant: Aggelos Kovotsos, Marco Gastine

Filming/Editing consultant: Andronikos Karakatsanis


Director's interview

We decided to present the work that is done in the MOSAIK Centre, because Linda is a student at the Second Chance School of Mytilini and has an inspiring attitude.  Every time she talks about MOSAIK, a big smile brightens her face.  Linda and her husband Onour spend many creative hours there.   They are a happy couple.  She is Syrian and he is Kurdish and they arrived in Greece looking for a better future.  They respect our country deeply and they don’t hesitate to show it.  We were touched by their smile and willingness to offer.

Their lives have been difficult so far and cause our empathy.  When we look at them, we look at Zahra, Sofi, Ali, Mahdi and so many other friends -because we have become friends when their boats reached our island on a cold morning. 

They live with us, learn with us and we hope that one day they can go on with their lives.  We are going to be there for them and we wish them the best.