Our film describes the life of Roula Mohammand, a syrian girl who has spent a part of her life in greece and another in syria. She graduated from Greece and studied medicine.She is involved in volunteering and she has mainly been involved in interpreting since she knows the greek and arabic language very well.Our film describes ant presents some aspects of her life, her family, her job, her interests, her volunteer work. To sum up in our movie we endorse the personality of such an active,interesting,creative and special person.


Creative Team:

Directed by: Daphne Georgiopoulou, Grigoris Kouverianos, Katerina Tziomaki

Editing by: Danae Manousaridi

Directing/Script consultant: Gerasimos Rigas


Director's interview

This subject drew the interesting view that as a resident of Chios lived the refugee very closely. My perspective, which I was trying to record in the film, was the optimistic side, that is, how they can be incorporated into our country. My acquaintance with Mr. Roula Mohammad was very important. I bilingually and I (French-Hellenic) have noticed many common points with the protagonist. The imprinting of her life in the simplest way was the meticulous me and the team. Many things about refugees were already known, knowing Roula i understand that there is no difference between us, and how people who struggle for something better in their lives are next to us and they are sometimes the ones who give our strength Continue for a peaceful coexistence.

Yours sincerely, Daphne Georgiopoulos