The LM village was created to be used for several years as a holiday resort for Greek army officers. It has recently changed its use into a refugee hospitality center. George Aggelopoulos is offering his services as a volunteer manager of the center.


Creative Team:

Directed by: Aris Zisimatos

Editing by: Aris Zisimatos

Directing/Script consultant: Elias Giannakakis


Director's interview

It is my belief that any person, anywhere, has an important story to tell. The film should be based on the issue of immigration. I therefore decided to visit the LM Village which is a hospitality centre for immigrants and is close to where I live. While I feel  that I am blessed to be living in a free country, I felt the guilt of having a better fortune in life than the immigrants. I also realized that a change of fortune can easily shift our lives into their stance and condition. I believe that there are various ways to block out the evil but only through education one can moderate the stupidity of racism.