Samer Kobeissy


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● 2013-2016

       Beirut Arab University

       Acting-directing Teacher

● Designed and taught public speaking courses to increase presentation skills to be applied to all curricular areas

● Conducted reading to evaluate student’s talent.

● Adapted course of study and training methods to meet student’s need and ability

● Teacher of enunciation, diction, voice development and dialects, using exercises, speech drills, explanation, lectures, and improvisation.

● Discussed and demonstrates vocal and body expression to teach acting styles, character development, and personality projection

● Produced and directs plays for college and public performances

● 2012-2016


WING CHUN self-defense Professional Trainer

Wing chun is well known for its unique structures, simultaneous blocking and striking, trapping, rapid vertical punches, a focus on using the shortest distance between two points, and a strategy that includes controlling the center with constant forward pressure

● Film, Serial, Commercial Experience

➢ 2012

      Documentary Director

➢ Elia1- Elia 2

                                                       الامام علي في عيون الغرب

         Location: Paris-Germany

➢ Religion tourism in Iran

         Location: Iran

➢ 2011

           Commercial Director

                                                برنامج تكافل لرعاية الطفولة

➢ 2008

             Leading actor

                             BUKRA SETTE W’NOS (TOMORROW, 6:30)

It’s Farid’s last evening before emigrating from Lebanon. Naturally, he wants to enjoy a lavish send-off, but things don’t quite go according to plan  

➢ 2008


   Foyer Albert- by Bruno Tabal

➢ 2005


                          Serial(الينابيع) – by Caroline Nilane

➢ 2004


                         Serial (قصتي قصة) – by Eli Adbachi


Fluent in English & French



            Lebanese university (Beaux Arts)-Master Degree in Acting and Directing