An International Cultural Action for the Refugee in 5 Countries


The project titled “Home New Home” aims to address the refugee crisis and record it in short documentary films, as well as to highlight the views of citizens from six welcoming countries that serve as temporary homes in the refugees’ way to a better future. Syrian, Afghans, Iraqis and Palestinians refugees and citizens from the welcoming countries took part in workshops on how to make a short documentary. The workshops were held in six cities that receive refugee flows: Athens and Lesbos in Greece, Izmir in Turkey, Tyr in Lebanon, Amman in Jordan and Ramallah in Palestine. Most of the participants caught the camera for the first time. Everybody was educated in cinematic narrative in intensive seminars in Greece, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine by established directors and academics in schools, universities and refugee camps. Watch here the fascinating stories they created in the Home New Home project.

The project is consisted by a  wide network of partners: Municipality of Athens, Open Schools ( The activity Home New Home is implemented in the framework of the Athens Open Schools program an initiative run by the City of Athens, with exclusive donor Stavros Niarchos Foundation), Regional Development Funt of Attica, Anna Lindh Foundation, Goethe Institut, while the website hosting the action and the movies and refugee training is an donation of Stavros Niarchos

The action Home New Home had the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Telecommunications and Information Policy.